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Environmental Statistics and Modeling

Environmental Science & Policy (ESPP)



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Welcome to the Environmental Statistics and Modeling Initiative

We are a group within the Environmental Science and Policy Program at  Michigan State University that has been brought together to explore and evaluate the program of environmental statistics and modeling at MSU.  The goals of the initiative are as follows:


1) Share knowledge among environmental statisticians and modelers on campus (MSU), and with other faculty who have a  more disciplinary focus to help clarify new areas of statistics and modeling that may be beneficial to their research.

2) Share knowledge among faculty whose research interests overlap in the area of environmental statistics and modeling.

3) Gain knowledge from leaders in other programs where environmetrics is an institutional strength to better understand how we might develop such a clearly identifiable program here at MSU.

Contact Information

Primary Contact
         Daniel Hayes
Telephone and Email                                                
Postal address
13 Natural Resources         
Michigan State University       
East Lansing  MI 48824
Webmaster: wieferi9@msu.edu


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Last modified: 05/06/08